Wheel Alignments in Tyler, Texas

Stay Properly Aligned with Goolsbee Tire & Service

A properly aligned vehicle gives your vehicle predictability and stability as you drive around Tyler and East Texas. When you encounter alignment problems, it makes your car hard to drive and costs you in future auto repairs and money at the gas pump. At Goolsbee Tire & Service, our ASE-Certified technicians recommend preventative maintenance like routine wheel alignments to extend the life of your tires to save money and time. Over time, forces such as road conditions, worn-out parts, or accidents can lead to a misaligned vehicle. But how do you know if your car is out of alignment? If you notice uneven tread wear, a crooked steering wheel when the tires are driving straight, or your vehicle pulling to one side, it’s time for a vehicle alignment. Driving your car shouldn’t equate to an arm-wrestling match. If left unattended, a misaligned vehicle will result in unnecessary wear and tear on parts and tires and could lead to accidents. We don’t want that! Instead, bring your vehicle into the best alignment shop in town, Goolsbee Tire & Service. Our mechanics will do a complete inspection, and if we find additional problems, we’ll alert you immediately and provide expert advice on the next steps. To avoid future problems, schedule routine wheel alignments with us to save time and money.