Wheel Repair In Tyler, TX

Our in-house alloy wheel refurbishment services will restore your wheels to like-new condition.

A damaged tire is more than just an eyesore--it can affect your car’s performance. A damaged wheel can also be dangerous. That’s why Goolsbee Tire & Service offers alloy wheel repair services. Our in-house refurbishment team will get your tired back to like-new condition to keep you and your family safe.

If your wheels have been damaged, don’t risk driving on them. Bring your wheels into Goolsbee Tire & Service for inspection and repair.

We Repair

Curb Damage

The scuffs along the outer edge of your tire are unseemly, but Goolsbee Tire & Service can get your wheels like-new. Our in-house repair team will buff curb damage away and leave behind a smooth surface. It’ll be like nothing ever happened!


Roadside chemicals, tar, sealants, and other chemicals can eat away the finish of your wheels and leave behind unsightly blemishes. Goolsbee Tire & Services’ wheel repair team will buff away corrosion and leave your wheel looking like-new.


Some direct impacts and road debris can leave deep gouges in your wheel. While most of these are merely cosmetic damages, some can lower the tire’s integrity and the safety of your vehicle. Bring your wheels into Goolsebee Tire & Service for an inspection and see if we can get your wheels like-new.

Backside Bends

Bends can occur on the front and back part of a rim. Often they’re caused by a pothole, speed bump, or some other road hazard. A bend can seriously affect the integrity of your wheel. Bring your wheels in for an inspection and let Goolsebee Tire & Service’s team of repairmen straighten out your wheel problem.


Cracks in your wheel could be incredibly dangerous. A cracked wheel runs the risk of breaking during the operation of your vehicle, which could lead to a severe wreck. Some cracks can be repaired, though. Bring your wheels by Goolsbee Tire & Service for an inspection.