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Does Your Car Need New Shoes?

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Your Complete Tire Buying Checklist

Your car’s tires are the only things between you and the highway below. If your tires are worn out, leaking air, or have a bubble, it can increase your risk of an accident on the road.

However, buying tires can be tough. How do you know what tires your car needs? Moreover, when should you buy new ones?

That’s why the ASE-certified mechanics at Goolsbee Tire and Service in Tyler, Texas, are here to help make things easy. Here’s your handy-dandy tire-buying checklist. If you have any further questions after reading this, be sure to call our tire sales shop.

When Should I Buy New Tires?

Tires should be changed every six years. However, your car may need new tires sooner than that. A visual inspection is one way to tell if your car needs new shoes. Look for uneven tire wear and any bubbles on the sidewalls. You can also do the penny test to check the tread. Simply insert a penny with Abe’s head facing down between your treads. If you can see Abe’s entire head, you should get new tires sooner rather than later.

What Tires Should I Choose?

Selecting the right tires depends on the weather and your driving habits. Thankfully, Tyler drivers don’t have to worry about snow. All-season tires will typically do the trick. However, if you drive long distances on a regular basis, you might want to buy touring tires.

What Size Tires Does My Car Need?

Another common question we hear a lot is what size tires a customer should buy. You can find this information in your owner’s manual or on the information sticker inside your driver’s side door. These numbers are typically in a sequence, starting with the letter “P” and ending in “S.” The “P” represents the width of your tires in millimeters. The “S” is the speed rating. The “R” in the middle of the sequence stands for the rim diameter.

Friendly, Knowledgeable Tire Sales

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Written by Goolsbee Tire and Service