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Tires are the only thing between you and the road, and when tire damage occurs, it can bring your day to a screeching halt. When you need tire services in Tyler, TX, or East Texas, turn to the pros at Goolsbee Tire & Service. We are the area’s number one tire service center! Maintaining proper inflation and being aware of the terrain is key to proper tire maintenance. However, flat tires, punctures, and worn-out treads are a product of normal wear and tear. Beyond a flat tire repair, when should you come in? Looking in the tread area only, if you notice uneven tread wear, worn-down tread wear indicator bars, or see debris embedded in the tread; it’s time to visit us. If you spot a puncture, crack, cuts, bulge, or blister when examining the sidewall, it’s also time for tire services. If left unattended, these problems could put you and those around you in danger. It’s always best to routinely inspect your tires for any abnormal wear or damage. If you spot a problem, or your tire indicator light comes on, drive into our location at 2880 US-271 Tyler, TX 75708 so we can have a look. Your safety is our number one priority.

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Our inventory includes passenger tires, light truck tires, SUV tires, mud terrain tires, off-the-road tires, high-performance tires, UHP tires, lawn and garden tires, industrial tires, farm tires, commercial truck tires, retreaded truck tires , and good used tires.